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  1. The PROvantage Advantage

    September 18, 2012 by LWI Supply

    PROvantage Adhesives are a proprietary, advanced solvent technology that provide superior performance while complying with all Federal & State VOC regulations. These adhesives offer key benefits of conventional solvent-based adhesives and provide:

    • Superior strength & durability
    • Waterproof for exterior use
    • Low temperature extrusion (sub-floor down to zero degrees)
    • Excellent substrate penetration on wet and frozen lumber
    • Good adhesion to metals and plastics
    • Fast grab for minimal bracing
    • Sub-floor adhesive exceeds  APA’s AFG-01, ASTM D3498 and ASTM C557 requirements

    PROvantage Adhesives are more environmentally responsible by creating less air pollution and relying less on crude oil derivatives. PROvantage Adhesives are 100% compliant for sale and use in all U.S. states.

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